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  We folks at Groove Entertainment have been performing at (and promoting) nightclubs for more than two decades. We've deejayed at clubs in Portland, Eugene, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, and numerous other locations across the west coast.

We created and operated the phenomenally successful Club Groove, where tens of thousands of people came to party over the course of several years.

We've taken struggling venues and turned them around. This is accomplished through a combination of know-how, dedication and hard work. So, if you need a hand with your club, don't hesitate to see how we might help.
We at Groove Entertainment owned a nightclub in Eugene, Oregon called "The District." It became the hottest club in town. When we took over, the place was empty; during our ownership, it was jammed to capacity. We also operated the highly successful Eugene nightclub called "The Rok."

Currently, we have access to various local nightclubs where space is available to rent on certain occasions. We have plenty of room in areas that contain a full bar, as well as other areas for those under 21. If you need not only entertainment services but a place to hold your event, check with us to see what we can work out.

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